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Woody runs/owns the famous
Unofficial Leo Kottke Website. Lives in the frozen north tundra (ie; Canada) & actually seems to like it. He lives in a cabin out in the woods with his blind girlfriend. Well, we don't know for sure that she is blind, but if you've seen Woody's picture on his homepage you just know she has to be.
    He plays at a speed approaching Mach 2, and even sings - ugh, a singing pig. There were serious doubts about his manhood after we heard his tape, until he told us that his recorder had speeded up - made him sound like he was inhaling helium. I guess I'll believe him.
    Woody plays a lot of Kottke tunes note for note - real clean. In real life, he's some kinda computer genius (don't think ol' Bill Gates is nervous). BTW, he got his name from a great practical joke he played on us last year. A three beer story - but it kinda involved Woody Woodpecker - nuff said.
    Woody has a bunch of cheap Canadian guitars that aren't worth mentioning. After complaining for three years about not having a decent guitar, he finally bit the bullet and bought a used Taylor 514-CW this past spring. He tells us it's a beautiful guitar but he didn't bring it to WAB (something about forklifts and airline cargo holds). He's also the first pig to order a custom-made 12-string from
    A number of us finally met Woody at the annual "Weekend at Bernie's" (WAB) this year. The good news is that he's a nice guy (for a Canuck) - the bad news is that he had all of us saying "eh?" at the end of our sentences by the time he left - and my cat turned up pregnant. So what do you think of that, eh?