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The TABPig Convention called "Weekend At Bernie's" is an annual event. Bernie is a Pig who lives in Nashville. Recently about a dozen Pigs from all over the United States congregated at "The Room At The Top Of The Stairs" ( A room at Bernie's house) for a few days and we had a great time.

In April '97 a bunch of us PIGs all met in St. Louis for the first annual TABPig convention. We all flew or drove into town on Friday night and played (and partied) the rest of the weekend. The photo in the gallery was from a post-concert party from PIG headquarters (Hooter's). Since then, there have three been more WAB's, a WABB (Weekend at Bernie's Brothers), and a WARB (Weekend at Reverend Billys) in the UK.

Click on a pic below to get a closer look (the guitars that is, who would want to look at those Pigs?)

Since somewhere around 2001/2002, the TABPig Convention has changed from Bernie's house to the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society (CAAS) Convention. It turns out that it's hot in Nashville in the summer and Bernie keep's buying guitars instead of getting an air conditioner. Whadda want for a pig anyway? If you go there, look us up!

T h e   T A B P i g   C r e e d

(subject to revision and addition at a moments notice)

  1. We're just a bunch of PIGs for this stuff!
  2. We ain't got no stinkin' pride! We don't care who writes it, where it came from, or how complete it is, we welcome all input.
  3. Actually we do care more about completeness and accuracy than we lead on, but hey, "Bad TAB is better than no TAB" is number three.
  4. Ya can't name yourself!
  5. Always take the cheap shot.

T h e   P i g   P o l l

A recent poll of the TAB Pigs requesting their top 10 Kottke compositions produced this list.
   As if anyone really cared what our Top Ten Tunes by Leo Kottke are (we are so self-absorbed) here is...

The All-Time-Favorite-Pig-Endorsed Leo Kottke Top Ten Tunes are ... (drum roll)...

  1. William Powell (11 votes)
  2. Jack Fig (9 votes)
  3. Airproofing (8 votes)
  4. Vaseline Machine Gun (8 votes)
  5. Ojo (7 votes)
  6. Driving of the Year Nail (6 votes)
  7. Mona Ray (6 votes)
  8. I Yell at Traffic (6 votes)
  9. Watermelon (6 votes)
  10. Three-way tie with June Bug, Eggtooth, and Taxco Steps all receiving 5 votes each

As you can see, we still live about 10-30 years in the past.