I'm a TAB Pig

"Bernie" is:  J o e  "Nada"  C a r p e n t e r

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Bernie works in the TABPIG shipping and receiving department. Actually, he USED to work for a package/parcel carrier in Nashville, so now he's our shipping and receiving "consultant". Currently he's working in the "document destruction" field. Don't ask. From the photo and what we call getting together at his house, it should be obvious why we call him Bernie. If you're too slow to figure that one out, click here.

The Joe "Nada" comes from the fact he hasn't gotten out of the gate yet with a "true" PIG TAB. He does this thing we call "The Bernie Bounce" when he's playing in the zone. The Bernie Bounce is like a steam locomotive with it's connecting rods and joints flying everywhere.....let's just say he's "high-energy funky", and you can hold the caffeine.

Bernie is definitely wired for sound and has his own twist on many Leo songs. To his credit though, he's actually recorded in a "real" studio and made a very good CD titled "When Pigs Fly". He has the primo LKSM-12 of the group, also a Takamine 6 string and a Morrell Resonator. He had a used Tak 12 string relegated purely to slide - but this guitar was the loser in an altercation with with the airport tarmac in Nashville - or St. Louis - or both from the looks of it. When we last heard, Bernie was looking for a replacement.
    Bernie's idea of a slow ballad is Busted Bicycle, and you can find his website here: www.joe-carpenter.com