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"Luther" is:  J i m   C h e l s v i g

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Luther is a luthier - at least part-time (aren't they all?) His main job is a wildlife biologist for the city of Chicago (what was that? Wildlife in Chicago you ask? Well, all you have to do is walk a couple of streets off the "Gold Coast" or Rush street - and you'll see "wildlife"). Luther likes to stay focused so he's also a taxidermist, a magician, a bat researcher and a "deer researcher".
    As for his guitars, he studied under a student of Bozo's, (is that like making a tape copy of a copy of a copy?), so his guitars look similar. Has built more electrics than acoustics, but his acoustics are getting a lot of people excited. He brought his two 12 strings to WAB#2, and the most recent one blew all of us away. Great for slide, plus it looks like the old Bozo Kottke model, but with a cutaway. As noted above, Luther researches bat's in his job, which has carried over to his guitars - all the fingerboard inlays are stylized bats. Also plays a '70 Bozo 6 string.