I'm a TAB Pig

"Hey Suz" is:  M i c h a e l   D.   A d c o c k

the tabs
the pigs
the room at the top of the stairs


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A computer geek who lives in Evansville, IN - but we don't hold that against him. Got his name at TPC#1 as he looks like a cross between Charles Manson and Jesus Christ. "Manson" as a call-sign really didn't fit him, (even if he is 6.2 high), as he's too much of a gentle giant, so he started out as "Jesus". It wasn't much of a stretch from there to "HeySuz (think a baseball game was on TV at the time). HeySuz is the ultimate Kottke groupie - he's been known to drive 500 miles for a concert. Kottke finally figured out that he wasn't dangerous apparently, as he's met & talked with him many times, and has played with Leo once. He's got quite a few pics on the Kottke website - check em' out.
    Ol' HeySuz has a great head for tunings & phrasing, which has really helped the group. We rag him on being a
Taylor groupie as well - he must have 500 Taylor logo shirts - never seen him in anything but. HeySuz works as a computer specialist for USI, where he is also a part-time student. He and a buddy created the "Tab Pigs" website - so that explains why it sucks.
    HeySuz is an old rocker who has "seen the light" so to speak - he currently has a LKSM 12 & LKSM 6 (that 6 is sweet), as well as a Yamaha 12 (which we expect him to use for kindling wood any day now) and his latest toy is a Koa Taylor K-14C.
    Not quite sure of his age, but he's for sure younger than