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"Jet" is:  "C a p ' n"  J i m   J a r r e l l

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Cap'n Jim is the Grand Pooh-ba of PIGdom. He is a retired Navy Captain that lives in DUH-Land (DeLand, FL) who has survived numerous catapult launches and controlled crashes into the decks of aircraft carriers. Currently he works in an administrative capacity for Flagler County, FL. He is the most sane and level headed of all the PIGs (NOT). He is a testosterone laiden gorilla when it comes to playing Armidillo stuff. His versions of classics like "Cripple Creek", "Stealing", "Watermelon" and mostly anything early are unparalleled and pleasure to hear.
    Jet's an old banjo picker and a tabbing fool. He just cranks these tunes out. You probably saw a number of his tunes in OLGA. He's currently playing a LKSM 12 & a Martin 6 plus a steel resonator. There's also a rubber - er, nylon string guitar and we heard something about an Ovation that was a great deal, but needed some work (ka-CHING). Jet also owns the "Home Depot" guitar. Built by Pig luthier "Luther" of materials readily available from: you guessed it.
    He's also "right-hand ring-finger challenged" - just can't get that digit into the strings.

UPDATE: according to Jet himself - "Moi is no longer "ring finger challenged". I be using all the digits now. No matter...I can't play any better no how." Bernie confirms the claim with: "That's an AYE (i.e. No BS...but not the Pig) on Jet's ring-finger playing these days. Just goes to show that you *can* teach an old dog new tricks. He's dying for someone to join the Pigs that is older than himself just so he won't be the target for all the "Old Fart" jokes. We keep telling him to give it up - there's no hope now that George Burns died.