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Gig is another software whiz-kid geek that lives & works out in the Silcon Valley area. Why do we continue to attract propeller heads??? Send us your ideas/thoughts on this...along with $50.00... and we'll tell you if you won. If you don't win, don't expect to hear back from us...unless you're one of the "short & simple applicants" (see the "Registration Form" under the FAQ's for this site). Jet first connected with this Pig over the net. You see, Gig is a propeller-head when it comes to guitar gear as well. Hoser met Gig at the annual "Swineanoa Gathering" that is held somewhere in the South.(Most Pigs have yet to figure it out...) After a rigorous week-long QA check, the deal was sealed.

Anyway, We can't tell you the name of the company that he actually works for, but here's a major hint: It has at least one vowel & one consonant in it.

And, if you can't figure out his callsign...you're too young to be reading this.

After seeing his website Doug Young Guitar, you'll also know why he is the newest member of the TabPigs. We figure that we'll make out like bandits with his guitars & gear after he dies... assuming his sow doesn't know shit from shinola about what he really has stuffed in the basement. Being the gearhead that he is, fellow gearheads should check out his pickup tests & sound files that can be found on his website...he's done a lot of work on this (why, we don't know...but there you go).

And to show that a Pig will do anything for beer money, check out his CD & the articles he has written for Acoustic Guitar magazine.

We'll write a better bio for Gig once he provides us stock options when his company goes with an IPO. As stated previously, we're major pigs for retirement funds - or "Pig Early Retirement Plans" - too.

Current Guitars:

Too many for a pig to count...we ran out of hooves. Hit his website