I'm a TAB Pig

"Forrest" is:  "Ragtime Joe" Lipman

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the pigs
the room at the top of the stairs


Before we met him, this Pig already had a nickname of "Ragtime Joe" due to his sickening addiction to playing ragtime guitar (ok, ok...we guess SOMEBODY
has to do it). But when we met him & heard him talk for the first time, he was instantaneously given the call-sign of "Forrest". We guarantee you would do
the same. But, say it with a smile on your face, as he also has a Black Belt in Karate.

He got hooked on the Kottke style of playing after meeting 2 Pigs at a RMMGA (an acoustic guitar newsgroup) meeting last year. The good news is that he's now
abandoned the ragtime stuff. The bad news is that he learned Kottke stuff from the 2 pigs (an honest-to-God case of the blind leading the blind).

In real life, Forrest is one of those pinhead financial controller guys that gives you 50 reasons why you can't buy more than 3 rolls of toilet paper for your office
per week (with an office staff of 32), but flies in First Class from company headquarters to tell you such.

Forrest is also a member of the "Guitar Of The Week" club, as that is what he averages in guitar purchases. We'll give you a list of these, but it will only be current as of todays date.