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"Ernie" is:  Ted Banks

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Ted Banks is "D'Ernie"; 

Sadly, D'Ernie passed away suddenly on February 1, 2005. His bio is now our memorial to our Brother Pig. We met D'Ernie via the RMMGA guitar group on usenet. While most Pigs give Bernie a never ending line of shit about playing fast, he'll never have the chance to match D'Ernie. D'Ernie played at the speed of heat  

D'Ernie got his unique callsign (pronounced "Dee-Ernie") after an RMMGA gathering we attended in 2003. He ate boiled cabbage all day.....and all night. Top that off with peanut butter pie & hardboiled eggs, and you have a disaster waiting to happen. We made the fatal mistake of giving him a ride home that night...in a small car...with 3 other Pigs...with the windows rolled up. Put it this way; we were afraid to even light a cigarette. Previous to this "episode", his callsign was "Ernie" (ok, all you baseball fans out there...explain this name to all the NON-baseball fans out there). We pronounced him as "Deadly" that night. In true TabPig fashion, this morphed into "D'Ernie". 

D'Ernie played his beloved Walker 6 string, a D-35 & a LKSM-12. He was a big fan of the Piedmont Blues & just tore the hell out of these tunes. He also did some of the best versions of "Last Steam Engine Train" and "Windy & Warm that we ever heard. We miss him terribly.  

The Pigs have posted a permanent tribute page to D'Ernie here.