I'm a TAB Pig

"Trigger" is:  Bob Evans

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Trigger is the 2nd Canuck pig in the Pen (Woody was lonely, so similar to getting another dog for your current dog to play with....we had to get another Canuck for him ("Good dog Woody...fetch the stick!"). 

Trigger's claim to fame is that he can actually play the damn guitar and took 3rd place at the Winfield Fingerstyle Championships the first time he attended (2002). When he returned to Winfield in 2003, he won the Grand Prize of First Place. This nearly cost him his TabPig membership, until he mentioned that he would be buying ALL the beer at ALL future WAB's to celebrate this fact. We immediately had a change of heart. I mean, who wouldn't? 

His 2nd claim to fame is his Ragtime playing on the old Kicking Mule records from Stephan Grossman. In typical music business fashion....he has never seen a dime in payment. Now you know why we all actually have to work for a living (well, except for Jet anyway...) 

In his "civilan" life, we're sad to report that Trigger is ANOTHER one of those computer-tech propeller heads that seem to be taking over the world. But he does find time for the guitar, and has an excellent CD out called "Caffeinated Coffee". Check it out from his website below. 

Update: Trigger has a SECOND excellent CD out called "Voice in the Grain", that has been nominated in the Canadian Folk Music Awards (CFMA) in the Best Instrumental - Solo category for 2005. He didn't win, but he will eventually get over it.

Don't forget to tell him that Bernie sent you....I get a kickback of $1.00/CD sold for these. 

Oh, and his pic to the right of this bio? Taken at CAAS when he was trying to show us where to insert the open end of a beer bottle.....but he had had too many beers by that time to be able to point to the right place.

Trigger is currently playing:

  • Travis #10, built by Luthier Travis Williams
  • Dean "Albertan"
  • Larivee OM-05
  • Special Winfield Edition Larivee LV-10
  • Taylor W-14

Bob Evans Website