I'm a TAB Pig

"Gates" is:  J o h n   P o m p e i i

the tabs
the pigs
the room at the top of the stairs


Gates is another (groan) propeller-head….just what this sorry-ass group needed, eh? A bunch of us met him for the first time in STL in Sept ’00 when we were there for the "Midwest Guitar Show" Prior to that, we had given him a handle of "JPig", as he is a propeller-head, works at his software company, and his initials worked (I know, pretty lame). However, when we saw that he wears glasses, has a mop of hair...that if it were blond....that makes him a ringer for Bill Gates, well AMF.....his new handle was instantly "Gates". Secondly, the server we switched to is his, which explains why we're actually nice to the guy (well, kinda nice. We don't want to overdue it of course). Not to mention all the stock options he's going to give each of the Pigs when he does his IPO....he just doesn't know it yet. While we're pigs for tab....we're bigger pigs for hefty retirement incomes.

Gates is in the Cleveland Ohio area, which works out good for our northern pigs (ie; Yankee's). He has attended only 1 WABB so far, seeing as how he just joined the group in Sept '00. If his IPO floats before the next WAB though, we know one thing for sure: He's most assuredly buying all the beer.

    Gates is currently playing the following guitars:
  • 1999 Taylor 514CE
  • 1996 LKSM 12
  • 1999 Larrivee Parlor
  • 1987 Alvarez Yari classical (cut-away)