I'm a TAB Pig

"Coach" is:  G e o r g e   S e i f e r t

the tabs
the pigs
the room at the top of the stairs


Coach is another extreme northerner that soaks in the weather of Minnesooda (USA). He's proud of his locale because unlike the rest of us, he lives within 20 miles of Leo Kottke. Leo, if your reading this, you need to be worried...

The long winters keep Coach inside and thus he is one of the Pen's most productive tabbers. During the day, he works as an Engineer (although no one really knows what kind of engineer he is. We suspect it has something to do with trains). Coach's handle was derived from "Guitar George" (since he knows all the chords - which he does). If you need that one explained, then your at the wrong web site.

    Coach first met LK on his own 30th birthday at a CD signing at a bookstore. He traded Leo an autograph for a tape of Coach playing guitar. Needless to say, he's still waiting for Leo to call with comments.

    Coach has attended one WAB and is currently playing all these guitars:
  • 1992 Taylor LKSM12 with signature on 12th fret (that seems to impress some pigs).
  • 1995 Goodall Jumbo 6. No bruises yet.
  • A bunch of others too embarrassing to list