I'm a TAB Pig

"Reverend Billy" is:  G r a h a m   P e a r s o n

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the room at the top of the stairs


Reverend Billy is one of the nicest people you could ever meet which technically disqualifies him as a Tab Pig. However, his reactions to the countless scams played out on PigNet are an endless source of amusement to the rest of us. Rev's a Brit who hangs his guitars in Gwent, South Wales. When he's not playing guitar, he works as a telephone engineer (which means you can't shut him up) and coaches soccer.

    Rev has the distinction of hosting the first (and only) euro pig gathering called WARB (weekend at reverend billy's). In attendance was Price Phil and Pig Doc (pretending to be british). Philby, who was lurking around his neighborhood before the event discovered who Reverend Billy was by passing a van that was blasting Leo Kottke tunes. It's amazing how we can spot one another when we've never met.

    Reverend Billy is currently playing the following guitars:
  • 1976 Fylde Prospero 12-string. Short scale length, Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides.
  • 1977 Fylde Custom Falstaff 12-String. Spruce top, Rosewood B/S. Custom Cutaway added to model.
  • 1980 Fylde Caliban 6 string. Cedar top, Rosewood back and sides.
  • 1997 Fender B?Bender Telecaster, sunburst signed by Gene Parsons and Meridian Green.
  • 1999 Fylde Custom Magician 12-String. Cedar top, Walnut B/S.
  • Fyde 6-String Alchemist (currently being made). Cedar top, Walnut B/s.

Also, Rev used to have a sweet Santa Cruz Tony Rice model which he sold and has regretted ever since. He should be out of therapy soon.