I'm a TAB Pig

"Coda" is:  D a v i d   M o r s e

the tabs
the pigs
the room at the top of the stairs


Coda lives in western New York State somewhere. Diversions for him include training his Springer Spaniels at Mudlark Farm and working on old cars. He likes Preston Reed, Hedges and even John Renbourn but we let him co-exist with us anyway. His biggest dream is owning his own Chelsvig. At the rate Luther's cranking them out though, this could be dream for a long time.

    Coda was dragged by his wife to see Leo for the first time at the Main Point in the Bryn Mawr (Philadelphia) area. It was the time of the My Feet are Smiling album and "Leo was playing warp speed". 9 years after being blown away by that experience, his wife bought him a 12-string for Christmas and the rest is history.

    Coda got his handle from "Morse" to "Code" to the final "Coda" - of which we were all pretty proud to invent. He has been to WAB 2 times.

    Coda is currently playing the following guitars:
  • Martin/Schoenberg prototype model R&D 274
  • Taylor LKSM12 no signature fretboard
  • Taylor Mahogany/Cedar 20th anniversary
  • 1974 Martin D12-20
  • Fender cheapo acoustic
  • Alvarez Yairi nylon string