I'm a TAB Pig

"Rooter" is:  T o m   R o o d

the tabs
the pigs
the room at the top of the stairs


Rooter is a fireplug of a pig that lives deep in the heart of Illinois. He makes a living by writing annual reports, presentations and speeches for anyone stupid enough to pay him for it. However, his biggest claim to fame, and what got him suckered... er, "invited" into the TabPig’s is that one of his clients is Anheuser-Busch. We smelled TabPig "Discount" on that one.

    Other claims are when he accosted Kottke behind the stage at Tanglewood in 1978 and asked how he played a particular bass part in "Bean Time." Leo stopped getting into his car, straightened up, pulled his jacket to the side, and demonstrated on his belly. As Rooter stated, he "was instantly charmed". Want another? Rooter has also been the promoter for several Kottke shows in the Decatur/Champaign area (and more in the future...) which also spells "TabPig Discount" AND "front row seats."

    Lastly, he claims he is unable to read tab. He’s famous for saying things like; "for this riff, start on the fattest string...". BTW, in the picture above, Rooter is the one on the left.

    Rooter has attended WAB 2 times, hosted a pig gathering at a Kottke concert in Champaign, and 1 WABB.

    Rooter is currently playing the following guitars:
  • 1975 - Gibson Les Paul Deluxe with tobacco sunburst
  • 1997 - Martin D-28 12-string (custom)
  • 1997 - Martin D-28 6-string (custom)
  • 1998 - Taylor Leo Kottke Signature Model 12-string
  • 2000 - Taylor K-15-C (custom cutaway with koa back & sides, Englemann spruce top)
(if you ever run into Rooter, be sure to tell him that the koa flame on the K-15-C absolutely sucks)