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"Hedge Hog" is:  

C h a r l i e  "Mr. Rogers"  W e i d h a s

the tabs
the pigs
the room at the top of the stairs


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Charlie is the definite psycho of the Pigs. He is a fan of Michael Hedges as well as Kottke - thus the handle. HedgeHog lives in St. Louis & works as a marketing guru for Monsanto. In reality, he just seems to fly back & forth from Asia & play golf at resorts (they actually pay him for this). HedgeHog had it rough for TPC#1 in St. Louis last year - he was the only non-smoker in the group. His wife made him sleep in the garage each night he came home that weekend.
    Mr. Rogers has TABbed things like "Jesus Maria", "Virtuoso", "Echoing Gilewitz" and others. Regretfully so, it is probably some of the best, most accurate TAB we have collectively. He plays 2 Taylors; a 555 12, and a 410 6. The 410 really surprised us in STL (it had basically just come out) real nice for the bucks. He also plays a Webber (which we still haven't figured out!). HedgeHog beats the everlovin' crap out of his guitar while playing ala Hedges. Sounds like he's playing the bongo's. Anyway, Hedge has got a great ear for tunes & a real smooth style. Plays a lot of his own tunes too that are great.
    Only thing about Hedge is that he "discovered" Kottke at about the That's What stage and had no idea there were previous albums. When advised of such & he finally heard Armadillo, he said it was crap. In answer to the question on your mind; No, the bolt of lightning just missed him.