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"Hoink" is:   H a n k   A l i n g e r

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Hoink is a Gynecologist . . . oops, sorry: "Urban Designer/Landscape Architect" (which means he’ll rake your yard for 10 bucks) and lives in Columbia, MD. He’s another old rocker that put his electric away the first time he heard a Kottke album ("Greenhouse"). Says “Last Steam Engine train "blew me away".
    Hoink has the best handle in the pig pen imho (and it oughta be your’s). He also is a pretty mean tabber - When Shrimps Learn to Whistle, Hear the Wind Howl, and Snorkel (before Kottke even recorded it) and many others. Hoink is one of the few pigs that has "Airproofing II" down good.....and we hate him for it.
    Hoink has been to WAB 3 times, WABB once, and Champaign once.
    Hoink is currently playing the following guitars (yes, we agree that he has too many. We’re thinking of having him auction off one or two and donate the cash to The Beer Fund for the next WAB):
  • 1989 Taylor 555 (soon to be sold)
  • 1991 LKSM12 (lowball ebay special)
  • 1992 LKSM12, set up with low action, nice
  • 1995 LKSM-6, from a pre-production batch
  • 1997 Kinscherff High Noon (Koa)
  • 1998 Collings OM-2H Cutaway
  • 1999 Johnson Resonator (mahogany, not exciting and never comes out of the case)
  • 2000 Larrivee Parlour (mahogany, highly recommended, great travel guitar)
  • Old Yamaha nylon-string, solid woods, but only one step from firewood :-)
  • 1989 PRS Custom, Whale Blue, 10 top, birds (unplayed, may go to ebay soon)
  • 1952 Telecaster Reissue (cool sound, but not played much either)