I'm a TAB Pig

"Scottke" is:  S c o t t   J o n e s

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the room at the top of the stairs


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Scottke was the bohemian of the bunch - up until just a few months ago he worked out of his house writing/creating software (yeah, that's right, another computer geek). We're not really sure just exactly how much work he actually did though, as he was always talking about running 10 zillion miles a day on one of those exercise whatchamacallit's. He also "bounced" for hours a day on a little trampoline. He doesn't smoke, drink or swear, so he falls way outside the normal pig parameters/behaviors. All that went away recently when he actually went out and - God forbid - got a real job! He's one of those Wheat Germ, treadmill, computer programmer types your mother warned you about.
    Scottke plays a Guild 12 and a Martin 6. Actually Scottke is about the only musical literate amongst the PIGs. He know all about the chords, keys, scales, and such.
    None of us have met Scottke yet, as he has crapped out each time WAB comes around. Claims it's a "she/wife/dog/job" thing. Jeeze, are his priorities screwed up or what? Scottke lives in Grand Junction, CO, where the sun shines - and that's about it.