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As if anyone really cared what our Top Ten Tunes by Leo Kottke are (we are so self-absorbed) here is...

The All-Time-Favorite-Pig-Endorsed Leo Kottke Top Ten Tunes ... (drum roll)...

Individual Pig Top Ten Tunes are...

(comments in italics are by Muck who gets to do this because he put this page up.)


  1. William Powell (11 votes)
  2. Jack Fig (9 votes)
  3. Airproofing (8 votes)
  4. Vaseline Machine Gun (8 votes)
  5. Ojo (7 votes)
  6. Driving of the Year Nail (6 votes)
  7. Mona Ray (6 votes)
  8. I Yell at Traffic (6 votes)
  9. Watermelon (6 votes)
  10. Three-way tie with June Bug, Eggtooth, and Taxco Steps all receiving 5 votes each

As you can see, we still live about 10-30 years in the past. Plus, we don't call it a tie unless it's in the number 10 slot!



  1. Vaseline Machine Gun
  2. Eight Miles High
  3. Fisherman
  4. Ojo
  5. Circle 'Round The Sun (this choice only because B.S is from Minnesota)
  6. Owls
  7. Louise
  8. Busted Bicycle (see comment under Bernie's choices)
  9. Standing On The Outside
  10. Up Tempo
(Pretty much likes the classics. He got upset when Kottke went "electric" and only forgave him when Up Tempo came out.)

Augie Hog:

  1. Cripple Creek (come on, come on - which version)
  2. Wonderland by Night (likes this tune cuz Gunter wrote it)
  3. William Powell
  4. Medely: Crow River Waltz, Jesu...., Jack Fig
  5. Little Martha (smart fellow here)
  6. Mona Ray
  7. Driving of the Year Nail (I take the above comment back)
  8. Arms of Mary
  9. Ojo
  10. Corrina, Corrina


  1. William Powell
  2. Jack Fig
  3. Times Twelve
  4. Year Nail
  5. Fisherman
  6. Taxco Steps
  7. Busted Bicycle
  8. Stealing
  9. Ark. Greyhounds
  10. Owls (this is only because he thinks he figured out the tuning.)


  1. Stealing
  2. First To Go
  3. I Yell At Traffic
  4. Jesu
  5. Morning Is The Long Way Home
  6. Ojo
  7. Tiny Island (this song is no longer available on new Greenhouse CD's. Leo personally scratched it out with an awl - kind of like what he did to his throat before he recorded it.)
  8. Rick and Bob Report
  9. Orange Room
  10. Mona Ray


  1. Ojo
  2. Cripple Creek (12 string Fahey/Kottke/Lang version... *not* his new 6 string version.... weak imho) (ooooooh!!!)
  3. Watermelon
  4. The Train and the Gate
  5. Last of Arkansas Greyhounds
  6. June Bug
  7. Wm Powell
  8. Oddball
  9. Eggtooth
  10. I Yell at Traffic (I bet he does, too.)


  1. WATERMELON (I think he means Watermelon)
  2. 4/4 north
  3. William Powell
  4. red and white
  5. virtuoso (can't remember the name of the tune)
  6. Jack Fig
  7. "...Year nail..." (can't remember)
  8. Spanish ent.... (can't spell)
  9. ice miner
  10. cripple creek

Big Al:

  1. Morning Is The Long Way Home (instrumental)
  2. Mona Ray (from Dreams..)
  3. Year Nail
  4. Grim To The Brim
  5. A Good Egg
  6. Agile N. (Big Al offers 100,000,000 deutsch marks to whoever knows what the N stands for)
  7. Airproofing Two
  8. Monkey Money (he had to throw an obscure one into the mix)
  9. Taxco Steps
  10. Can't Quite Put It Into Words (no one can)

Hoink: (Mr.-doesn't-have-a-Shift-key)

  1. william powell
  2. jack fig
  3. pamela brown
  4. airproofing
  5. June bug
  6. a good egg
  7. oddball
  8. eggtooth
  9. bean time (the tune we all forgot)
  10. morning is the long way home

Kabong/Prince Phil/etc./etc.:

  1. A Child Should be a Fish (appropriate for the Mad Scientist-just what are those experiments he does in his house late at night) (a daring choice)
  2. Parade (another daring choice)
  3. Voluntary Target (and yet another daring choice)
  4. Scarlatti rip off (oh, hell. So much for daring choices)
  5. Coolidge rising
  6. Up tempo
  7. Tennessee Toad
  8. Part Two
  9. Vaseline Machine Gun
  10. Strange (appropos fer shure!)

Bernie: (this must be a misprint as some of these tunes don't use a slide)

  1. APII
  2. June Bug
  3. William Powell
  4. Machine Gun
  5. Mona Ray
  6. Grim to the Brim
  7. Train and the Gate
  8. Watermelon
  9. Busted Bicycle (BTW, Bernie is the one who busted it.)
  10. A Good Egg


  1. Louise (Hey Suz likes these kind of wimmen)
  2. Room At The Top
  3. Across The Street (an true artiste!)
  4. Available Space
  5. Side One Suite (another one of those guys trying to get more than 10 tunes on the list)
  6. Vaseline Machine Gun
  7. Arms of Mary
  8. Last Steam Engine Train
  9. Airproofing
  10. IYAT

Pig Doc: (there will be no comments posted on Pig Doc's choices - he will get too upset)

  1. William Powell
  2. Ojo
  3. Jack Fig
  4. Eggtooth
  5. Train & Gate
  6. Taxco steps
  7. I yell at traffic
  8. Stealing
  9. June Bug
  10. Watermelon

King Arthur:

  1. Constant Traveller (all time favorite)
  2. Taxco steps
  3. Shortwave
  4. A Good Egg
  5. Out takes from Terry's movie
  6. Room 8 (whoa! where did this come from!)
  7. Theme from Rick and Bob report
  8. Hayseed Suede (daring!)
  9. Machine
  10. The problem with choosing number 10 is that, basically, it's not possible to narrow down the choice to a single piece, but for the sake of continuity of purpose, I'll go for Driving of the Year Nail, er Oddball, I mean Last of the Arkansas Greyhounds. Sorry, that should be Driver (or do I mean Morning is the Long Way Home....see what I mean!!). (this Pig doesn't know which socks to wear in the morning. The red ones or the green ones... the red ones or the green ones... the red ones or the green ones...)


  1. Ojo (will always love this song) (he doesn't look this sensitive!)
  2. Eggtooth
  3. Wonderland by Night
  4. Jack Fig
  5. B.J.
  6. William Powell
  7. Last Steam Engine Train (now this tune really seems out of place with the rest of his choices)
  8. Jesus Maria
  9. Crow River Waltz
  10. Tumbling Tumble Weeds (Yippee-ti-yi-yay!)


  1. APII
  2. Arms of Mary
  3. Wm Powell
  4. First cut off of Guitar Music, slide tune (Part II??) (and you call yourself a Tab Pig...)
  5. Pegleg
  6. Shortwave
  7. Jesus Maria (a smart, intelligent, wise choice - must be a mistake here)
  8. Driver (one of two people in the US!)
  9. Oddball
  10. Godamnit - I've never heard this tune but since it's the Hedges tribute I have to include it in the top 10. (first off, what's a GodamNit? and second, that's true faith picking a tune you've never heard. Come to Jesus, my son!)


  1. The Driving of the Year Nail
  2. Ojo
  3. Vaseline Machine Gun
  4. Medley (Crow River Waltz, Jesu..., Jack Fig) (I know, 3 songs but only 1 record cut) (at least Luther can back up his getting 3 more tunes on the list with facts. Other Pigs tried to sneak them in. Way to go!)
  5. Across the Street
  6. William Powell
  7. Mona Ray
  8. Airproofing
  9. I Yell at Traffic
  10. Scarlatti Ripoff (like his guitars)

Muck: (totally awsome picks, what taste, what style)

  1. Short Wave (from Home & Away video)
  2. Jesus Maria (from Wood & Steel)
  3. Little Martha (live and/or Home & Away video)
  4. Czech Bounce (That's What)
  5. Across the Street (Standing in My Shoes & live)
  6. Deep River Blues (live)
  7. Mid Air (That's What)
  8. World Made to Order (Peculiaroso)
  9. Taxco Steps (Home & Away Video)
  10. Frank Forgets (Burnt Lips) (must be the line: "his head stuck up his ass...")

Rooter: (looks like this Pig only owns 1 Kottke disc - 6&12 String Guitar - and borrowed two others)

  1. Airproofing
  2. Driving of the Year Nail - 6&12
  3. Easter
  4. Egg Tooth
  5. Jack Fig - 6&12
  6. Mona Ray
  7. The Crow River Waltz - 6&12
  8. The Fisherman - 6&12
  9. Vaseline Machine Gun - 6&12
  10. Watermelon - 6&12


  1. Airproofing II
  2. Vaseline Machine Gun
  3. William Powell (always following the pack, eh?)
  4. Jack Fig
  5. Last Steam Engine Train
  6. Oddball (Wood's theme song)
  7. June Bug
  8. Shortwave (now this man knows music)
  9. I Yell At Traffic
  10. Watermelon (well, I thought he knew music)