Recent Additions

Added Tune Artist
1/7/2005 Classical Gas Tommy Emmanuel
1/7/2005 (The Man With the) Green Thumb Tommy Emmanuel
1/7/2005 Arms of Mary (update) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Little Martha (Live) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Living in the Country (update) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Twilight Time (update) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Driving of the Year Nail (update) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Coolidge Rising (update) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Tennessee Toad (update) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Last of the Arkansas Greyhounds (update) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Wrong Track Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Driving of the Year Nail (update) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Too Fast (major update!) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Shortwave (Live - Home and Away) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 The Scarlatti Ripoff (update) Leo Kottke
1/7/2005 Sonora's Death Row Leo Kottke
12/31/2005 Various Tommy Emmanuel
12/30/2005 Maroon Leo Kottke
12/30/2005 The Room at the Top of the Stairs Leo Kottke
12/30/2005 A Good Egg (update) Leo Kottke
12/30/2005 Tiny Island Leo Kottke
12/30/2005 Jib's Hat Leo Kottke
12/30/2005 Pamela Brown Leo Kottke
12/30/2005 The White Ape Leo Kottke
12/8/2005 Monopoly Leo Kottke

Pig Tales

(1/10/2006)  Got a "ding" on the top of your best guitar? Fix it with Dingaway!, the latest product from Scamway International (a division of Tab Pigs Productions in case you didn't know).

(12/31/2005)  The Tommy Emmanuel page has been added with eight new tabs. This includes two lightning-fast live transcriptions of "Guitar Boogie" and "The Hunt". Good luck trying to play them!

(12/28/2005) Gareth Pearson (Hamlet to the pigs) will appear in New York City on New Years Eve to open for Southside Johnny. Normally the pigs would never mention something about a pig(let) that can actually play guitar, but since it's Rev. Billy's son, we'll make an exception this time. We'll post more details when we get'm. For now, congratulations to Gareth and Papa Rev.